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The Multidisciplinary Approach.
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Streams and Fisheries - Process

Stream Creation and Restoration Project Process

ERC has developed an interactive design/build process that takes a stream enhancement project through preliminary evaluation to the final construction. The design/build approach ensures that a successful, efficient and cost effective project is completed by experienced professionals specialized in enhancement projects that most often require non-standard construction practices. Typical design/build projects undertaken by ERC follow a 9-step procedure as outlined below.

Stream restoration process
  1. Define client goals and desires
  2. Conduct initial evaluation and identification of existing conditions (i.e., instream condition, specific limiting factors, wetland habitat, regulatory issues)
  3. Develop concept plan and preliminary cost estimate
  4. Review plans and costs with client to develop final plans
  5. Final analysis, engineering and ecological review
  6. Prepare Final Design-Build Plans and Construction Cost-Estimate
  7. Obtain permits/permissions as needed
  8. Construction phases
  9. Monitoring and Maintenance as needed
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