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Denver Water Moffat Collection System Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Project Highlights:

  • Client: Denver Water
  • Drainage: Williams Fork River and Fraser River Basins as collected through the Moffat Water Tunnel and South Boulder Creek
  • Under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers we are working to prepare an EIS for Denver Water’s Moffat Collection System Project
  • Moffat Collection System Project is designed to develop 18,000 AF (AF) per year of new, annual firm yield to the Moffat Treatment Plant
  • Identified and screened alternatives and evaluated more than 300 water supply sources and infrastructure components including: on-stream and off-stream reservoir storage sites and enlargements of existing reservoirs
  • Ground water storage and the use of gravel pit operations were investigated as were options involving new institutional arrangements with other water users
  • Reviewed Denver Water’s PACSM Model for use in analyzing hydrologic impacts of project alternatives
  • Reviewed PACSM modeling of Moffat Project EIS alternatives, generating and summarizing hydrologic model output for the analysis of surface water effects
  • Coordinated with resource specialists for analysis of affected resources including aquatics, riparian habitat, recreation, and socioeconomics
  • Responsible for evaluating and summarizing differences in hydrology for the EIS alternatives, Baseline scenario and No Action alternative
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